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Cuthbert Amphitheater Seating Improvements
Eugene, Oregon

Cuthbert Amphitheater is Eugene’s much loved outdoor concert venue in Alton Baker Park. The Cuthbert’s landmark shell was designed by Gerald McDonnell & Associates Architects and built in 1993. Before the summer of 2009, the amphitheater seating configuration consisted of roughly two-thirds wooden benches and one-third grassy slope.

The wooden benches were uncomfortable and deteriorating. While the grassy slope and stage front seats were popular with crowds, the middle third of the seating was largely unused. The wooden benches were replaced with stadium-style seats and expanded lawn seating. The new raised lawn allows audience members to lounge on blankets, sit in low chairs or dance to the music.

DLA Inc. served as project lead and provided full landscape architectural design and construction administrative services for the renovation of the Cuthbert. In addition to the new seats, site improvements include the raised lawn, concrete and block walls, steps, handrails, ornamental plantings and lighting. The improved Cuthbert was unveiled and has been enjoyed by concert goers throughout the summer 2009 season.