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Citizens Building Landscape Improvements
Eugene, Oregon

The Citizens Building is a landmark office tower at the corner of 10th Avenue and Oak Street in downtown Eugene. Prior to this improvement project, sidewalks adjacent to the building had been uplifted by the magnolia street trees which were unhealthy and ill-suited for site conditions.

DLA worked closely with the building owner and the City of Eugene to transform the dark landscape and broken sidewalks into a bright and colorful urban streetscape. Visual interest emanates from a diverse tree, shrub and perennial plant palette that provides textural variety and seasonal changes in color and bloom. Additional interest comes from new colored concrete and jointing patterns that reflect the geometry of the building.

Special consideration was given to appropriate tree selection, suitable soil types and structural reinforcement of walks to prevent future problems. DLA also redesigned the east side entrance by replacing paving with plantings, articulating pedestrian and vehicular space and providing a cheerful and inviting building entry plaza. A bicycle and seating shelter graciously contributes to the enhanced pedestrian environment. The result of these improvements is an attractive urban streetscape and building environment.